Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fountain University VC Enjoins Muslims To Pray For The World And Renew Commitments To Divine Rules

The Vice-Chancellor Fountain University, Prof. Amidu Sanni has enjoined Muslims all over the world, particularly in Nigeria, to use the occasion of this year’s Ramaḍān to pray more fervently, as the entire world is affected by COVID-19, with its attendant health and socio-economic consequences.

In a press release made available to newsmen, Prof. Sanni urged all Muslims to adhere strictly to the traditional prescriptions associated with Ramaḍān, which entail self-discipline, abstention from immoralities, kindness and love to all, and the virtue of caring and sharing, among others.

He advised Muslims and the public to adhere strictly to all the medical and social advisories given by the government and other agencies, especially social distancing, health tips, and avoidance of large gatherings, often associated with Ramaḍān, such as tafsīr, tarāwīḥ, lectures among others.

The Vice-Chancellor commended the efforts of the Federal government and State governments in containing the spread of the virus, but advised that the state and private-driven initiatives in providing relief and palliatives to the needy should be widened with greater transparency, equity, and God-consciousness, as most Nigerians have now become vulnerable with the lockdown and the global economic downturn.

“Ramaḍān has come as a leveller for both the poor and the rich, and the need to extend human and material compassion to the less privileged could not have been more pressing, especially with the current lockdown.

“In the context of greater spirituality afforded by Ramaḍān and absolute submission of our personal wishes to Allah’s rules, the importance of obedience to Allah becomes self-evident, as the so called world powers are equally being subdued to submission willy-nilly”.

“Let me use this opportunity to express our gratitude to our proprietors, NASFAT, and all its organs for their consistent support for the University. This has enabled us to continue the conduct of our academic and administrative duties through the online platforms, the lockdown notwithstanding.

“I also want to appeal to our students to continue attending to their lectures and assignments at the various online platforms put in place by the University. I wish to remind parents and guardians to fulfil their obligations to the University and join us in the task of promoting good character among their wards in the spirit of Ramaḍān.

“On behalf of the University Management, I wish to appreciate all our wonderful staff members and the host community. I pray that the Almighty Allah accept all our acts of devotion during Ramadan and grant us relief from the scourge of COVID-19, as we take solace in His promise that “Certainly with (every) hardship there is relief” (Qur’an 94: 6).”, he noted.

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