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10 Facts You Never Knew About Private University Education in Nigeria - Southwestern University

Whether we like it or not, Private universities in Nigeria have come to stay. While the majority of the Nigerian students troop to the public universities, quite a number of them still consider the private universities a great choice. Truly, private universities remain one of the best places to get a formal tertiary education in Nigeria.

Are You Considering A Private University In Nigeria? Why Not Go For The Best?

Southwestern University, Nigeria is a private institution licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and regularly accredited by the Nigeria universities commission (NUC). The institution is located in Okun Owa, Ogun State, and was established to give students grounding in character and in learning for all-round excellence. It is a university with no religious affiliation and thus encourages student diversity as students are admitted irrespective of their religious or cultural background. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in courses cutting across science, technology, social, and management sciences. The institution’s authorities are in charge of providing accommodation facilities for its students.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Private University Education in Nigeria

Since the inception of civilization, education has been the bedrock of development and progress. The desire to make sure Nigerian youths receive good tertiary education has prompted the government to invite private individuals willing to participate in the provision of tertiary education in the country. With the licensing of the first private university in Nigeria in 1999, the number of private universities has increased to 79 surpassing the number of universities in Nigeria owned by the federal government or state government.

So it comes as no surprise that these days, when seeking post-secondary education, questions like “why study in a private university in Nigeria?” often arise. This article highlights several reasons why you should study in one. They are discussed below:

Some Private Universities Enforce a Very Strict Code of Conduct:

Sometimes it appears that the university is the dissolving point for all moral standards and for this reason, many parents are often afraid to watch their teenagers go off to the university alone. For this reason and many others, several private universities enforce a very strict code of conduct that must be strictly adhered to by all students and if anyone defaults, he/she will be penalized appropriately.  With this insistence of adherence to moral values, some private universities have been able to put some sort of check on the rate of moral decadence amongst students. This goes a long way in molding students to be disciplined individuals.

Gaining Admission into a Private University Is Quite Easier

The level of competition for admission into private universities is very low thus allowing you to study your dream course with no hindrance. For instance, people seeking admission in the Department Of Economics in a private university might be a little over thirty on the other hand; you’ll have over ten thousand secondary school leavers, seeking to study Economics in University Of Ibadan while the institution might have slots open for just five hundred students. This has made gaining admission into private universities very easy when compared with a public universities.

Absence of Strikes and Industrial Action

The absence of strikes in private universities has made graduation date definite. Strikes are known to disturb the smooth running of academic sessions, thus, it could increase the number of years a student will spend studying a course.

High Level of Security

The level of security in a university is often considered by parents and students when choosing a university. Private universities are equipped with modern security gadgets and well-trained security personnel; this has led to little or no cult clashes, protests, rape, or robbery. Students at Southwestern University are safe from the fear of cult attacks

Improved Student Welfare

The individual welfare of students is well taken care of at South Western University. The accommodation facilities are much better and enough for every student. The classrooms of private universities are conducive for learning. Every student gets a seat and the rooms are properly ventilated. With better welfare, learning is made easier for students.

Better learning environment

A private university usually has a lesser number of students in the classroom thus making the class interactive. Students tend to learn faster in an interactive class. Small class size allows the lecturers to spend more time with individual students to enhance their academic pursuits. With a smaller student body, a tight-knit community is created with emphasis on extracurricular activities. The lecturer-to-student ratio is one of the advantages of private universities.

Superior real-world experience and laboratory

Most private universities have super equipped laboratories. Rather than just reading, private universities provide students with the opportunity to participate in workshops and get hands-on experience. They tend to emphasize gaining practical skills rather than just learning theory.

Availability of facilities for extracurricular activities:

While academics remain the priority for most private universities, much focus on a well-rounded education and encourage participation in extracurricular activities as all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. These private universities are well-equipped with facilities for sports, music, etc. Students of these schools are also encouraged to participate in these activities as extracurricular activities help reduce academic stress while acquiring new skills

Quality of education is of international standard

In private universities, the quality of education provided for students is very high thus making their certificates internationally accepted.

Southwestern University, Nigeria applies world-class teaching techniques and is technologically equipped to provide an education that is international standard. This has made certificates from Southwestern university internationally accepted thus making international students eligible for admission.

Parental involvement

Private institutions try to establish open communication between parents/guardians and administration. They make it a priority to involve parents in things related to the students. This involvement is achieved through activities like open day. This common ground helps to strengthen parent-child relationships.

In conclusion, Southwestern University has been considered one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria as its tuition is highly affordable and students are well- taught.  The goal of Southwestern University has always been to be an information communication and technology compliant institution, with this goal in place; it is believed that in little time, Southwestern University will rank as the best private university in Africa.

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