Thursday, June 18, 2020

E-Library has improved Skyline University Nigeria’s Resilient for Post COVID-19 World - Head Librarian

While the Coronavirus Pandemic may have caused many Public and Private institutions of higher learning to close in Nigeria and the World at large, it has been an inspiring journey to see the level of creativity and dedication that Skyline University Nigeria’s Library have shown in the steps to continue service to its academic community beyond the four walls of the University’s library. 

The library has expanded access to e-resources such as e-Books, e-Journals, Video clips etc)

In a statement, during the University’s live Webinar in collaboration with the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) organized to improve e-library opportunities and awareness in a global platform, to increase consumer education around information and resources as well as to develop community partnerships to broaden the scope of the e-library, the Head Librarian of Skyline University Nigeria, Mr. Kabiru Danladi Garba CLN, stated that e-library has improved the University’s resilient for post COVID-19 World.

“As Librarians, we have tried to eliminate the situation where library services will be missing amongst the community. We have appropriated in the short and long term to adapt to boosting our digital space and resources to make it available to our community and our partners. We will continue to seek out ways to meet the needs of our users for overcoming the isolation effects of the present moment” He added.

He also affirmed that SUN’s Library collaboration with the National Digital Library of India has established the University’s library as one of the largest online learning platforms. A premier gateway to over 48 million e-resources for which 35 million e-resources are free for use and knowledge products across disciplines. “We believe that the role of e-libraries extends beyond providing access to content. We also raise awareness about intellectual property rights, support the preservation of cultural heritage and ensure that disadvantaged groups enjoy the fairness of access”, He stated.

Mr. Kabiru, who outlines some of the features of e-library such as the absence of physical boundary, access to information 24/7, information retrieval, preservation and conservation, added value and easy accessibility, acknowledges that the world is in uncertain times but with creativity and dedication to our libraries users, there can be a bright spot in research in which we can glimpse a better future. 

“We have engaged our Faculty, Staff and Students with e-contents and e-learning opportunities to assist them to continue their research and studies uninterrupted through virtual learning so that patrons can continue to read and learn without disruption. Indeed, as the demand for credible e-resources surges, Skyline University Nigeria will emerge as vital pathways to high-quality e-books, e-journals and other e-content. To give direct access to information resources in a structured manner and thus to link information technology, education and culture in contemporary library service", Mr. Kabiru said. 
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