Friday, June 19, 2020

How We Plan to Keep Federal University of Agriculture [FUNAAB] Safe – Dir. Health Services

Amidst the gradual easing of the lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the University Health Services has further pledged its commitment to keeping the University safe by rendering quality health services to staff and students as required.

The Director, FUNAAB Health Services, Dr. Abiodun Amusan made this disclosure while speaking to FUNAAB Bulletin in his office, recently.

According to Dr. Amusan, as the University gradually resumes, same rules that were applied to staff will equally be applied to students, when they finally resume.
Dr. Amusan noted that, based on the students’ number, certain amendments will be done concerning the lecture halls and hostels. “It cannot be business as usual. Even if COVID-19 lockdown is eased fully, we should be prepared, may be it will remain with us like other diseases at low rate”, he explained further.

Dr. Amusan equally said that the University is planning to have some classes held online on resumption as part of reducing crowd and students clustering together for lecture, while there will be in between lecture break of 15 minutes to allow for disinfecting the lecture hall before the next lecture.

Speaking on the Health Centre’s experience during the lockdown period, Dr. Amusan confessed that he received plenty of distress calls from staff, an experience he never had since he started practicing medicine.

He further noted that the Doctors and other health workers in the Health Centre did not panic or flee from duty at the heat of the pandemic, as they have been on duty as scheduled.

However, Dr. Amusan revealed that the Centre was only locked for 4days after being fumigated when the Health Centre had a suspected case of COVID-19.

In order not to cause panic, Dr. Amusan said the case was immediately reported to the Vice Chancellor, and the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). And, after administering the necessary drugs for his treatment, the fellow recovered and it turned out not to be a COVID-19 case, as earlier suspected.

He advised all staff and students to adhere to the precautionary rules against the virus such as keeping safe distance from people, constant washing of hands with soap and sanitizer, use of face mask and avoid crowded areas, as the curve of COVID-19 is still on the rise and not coming down, yet.

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