Friday, July 24, 2020

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo Examination To Take Place In Selected Parishes Throughout The Country

Management is considering the option of choosing selected Cathedrals and Parishes of our church nationwide for the forthcoming examinations scheduled to begin on 3rd August 2020.

Government restrictions prevent the resumption of students on campus. The now popular option of online examinations which we had considered, has its many disadvantages. For example, its objective test format is not acceptable for courses like Law. 

Also, courses like Architectural drawing, Mathematics calculations, and some Engineering and Science practicals, etc. prefer essay type questions. More serious is the danger of conducting online examinations to students from their homes, where the possibility of cheating is very high; invigilators not being present.

- In view of the above reasons, we propose to appoint selected parishes in places where our students are domiciled and also appoint clergymen of integrity ( especially educationists) to serve as our Adjunct Examination invigilators during the examinations. The University shall pay them invigilation allowances using direct electronic cash transfer. 

- The Examination Committee will arrange how to get the Time Tables, Examinations Questions and Answer sheets under confidential cover to accredited COORDINATORS as well as credited invigilators in advance. We shall count on their disciplined vigilance and godly integrity not to allow fraud, examination malpractices nor leakage of questions.

- The examinations are to be conducted in suitable spaces, such as halls and church-owned schools, etc under conditions that guarantee social spacing, along with provision for handwashing and sanitizing facilities.
- The list of centers will be circulated soon and will be posted on the University’s website:
- I will be announcing the selected parishes soon, with humble request for our Lord Bishops to kindly nominate COORDINATORS and invigilators who are trustworthy. We shall make arrangements to collect the Answer scripts after the examinations, for inward conveyance to Oyo for marking.

- We plead that our fathers in God will in due course send their nominees to 
- However, we shall use the online objective test mode for only the Mid-Semester Tests scheduled from 20th July 2020. This is the Continuous Assessment which is 30% of total marks; whilst the examination proper is 70%. 
- God bless and keep us safe and healthy always in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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