Friday, July 24, 2020

FUNAAB News: Works Set to Introduce Waste Disposal Machine

The Director, Works and Services, Engr. Oluwole Akinyele has disclosed that he is currently working towards introducing waste management disposal using the Power X Machine. Engr. Akinyele stated that the innovation would be carried out with the use of a tractor and other mechanised system to eliminate the manual method of collecting and disposing waste. 
According to him, “If need be, I can still fabricate that machine for the collection of waste in this University. Using a tractor, the waste collector can be picked up, off-loaded and returned to its original position, which eliminates the use of manual process of waste collection and disposal”.
He added that he was working towards ensuring that every member of staff in the Directorate of Works and Services is involved in the innovation. The Director noted that since he assumed office, he had encouraged the training of members of staff and that recently, the generating set being used by the Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre (ICTREC) that needed overhauling and with the permission of the University Management, he invited a mechanic that repaired the generator and was closely observed by members of staff in his department as part of their learning process. 

To address the issue of fire outbreaks, in the absence of a fire-fighting truck, the Directorate had to purchase fire-fighting nozzles with the help of University Management. He stressed that the Directorate was also looking at having a fire-fighting station in the University premises in the case of a fire outbreak, adding that the nearest fire-fighting station to the University is located at Oke-Itoku in Abeokuta, which is almost 20-30 kilometers away from the University.

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