Friday, August 7, 2020

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo: Guidelines For The 2019/2020 Second Semester Online Examination

For the coming 2019/2020 2nd semester examinations, students are strongly advised to use Brave browser or Google Chrome browser to access the exam portal at

Students should ensure that they do their online examination paper only once as an attempt to do an examination more than once will lead to the cancellation of such paper for the student by the server.

In addition, Students must use computers with video cameras which must be switched on throughout the period of the examinations.

To do every online Semester examination, students are obliged to join appropriate Google Meet session, with their video cameras on. Please get in touch with your lecturers for the appropriate exam Meeting IDs which you must use to indicate your attendance at the examination.  Failure to comply with these obligations will be interpreted as absent at the examination and will definitely lead to cancellation of that paper for the defaulting student.

As earlier stated in the Circular to Students on Second Semester Examinations – 2019/2020, Students are strongly advised to acquire sufficient internet data for use during the examination and locate themselves in areas where internet connectivity is strong enough. This is because all the examinations will have an essay component where they have to type answers and submit online.

Complaints with respect to Network issues, Inadequate Data/Subscription, inadequate supply of Electricity, will not be entertained. Students are advised to therefore make adequate provisions for such.

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