Friday, August 21, 2020

Ajayi Crowther University Update: Payment Of Outstanding School Fees

You would observe the magnanimity of the Management of this Institution in allowing students to write the mid-semester examination without bothering them over outstanding school fees. This gesture has equally been extended to the on-going 2nd semester examination.

The Management will therefore appreciate a reciprocal demonstration of this kind gesture from parents in paying the outstanding school fees of their wards without further delay.

Consequently, Management wishes to inform parents that the answer scripts of students having outstanding school fees will not be processed. Hence, such students will not have results. 

The final year students having outstanding fees, in particular, should take serious cognizance of the above Management decision as they will not be cleared to participate in the mandatory national service.

Finally, while Management appreciates payments coming in from few parents in trickles, we wish to reiterate our expectation over full compliance by parents accordingly.

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