Friday, August 21, 2020

Covenant University Boasts 90% of Top 10 Nigerian Authors in Engineering

West Africa’s numero uno institution, Covenant University, proved it is the destination for students seeking the Golden Fleece in engineering education as the top 10 Nigerian authors in the field of engineering are from Covenant.

SciVal, a bibliometric tool uses Scopus data to analyse the research performance of individuals or groups, made this known in its latest computation of the scholarly output of Nigerian authors from 2015 to 2020.

Leading the top 10 list that featured 9 Covenant authors was Dr Isaac Ojo Fayomi of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with 99 scholarly output, 355 citations, and 18 h-index. Close on his heels was Dr Moses Emetere of the Physics Department with 74 scholarly output, 123 citations, and 12 h-index, and third was Professor Sanjay Misra of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) with 66 scholarly output, 103 citations, and 18 h-index.

Dr Anthony Ede of the Department of Civil Engineering, with 62 scholarly output, emerged 4th. Professor Roland Loto (62 scholarly output), Professor Oluseyi Ajayi (57 scholarly output), and Engr. Princess Imhade Okopujie (53 scholarly output), all of the Mechanical Engineering Department, were 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively.

Also Dr Afolabi Adedeji of the Department of Building Technology (50 scholarly output), and Professor Cleophas Loto of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (49 scholarly output) occupied the 8th and 9th positions.

Dr Fayomi has established himself as one of the 21st Century proven academics and a top researcher in the area of Materials science, Mechanical Metallurgy, and Advanced Surface Engineering. He has a combination of multifaceted experience and qualification in engineering disciplines such as mechanical, materials, environmental and chemical sciences.

An excited Dr Fayomi, in his reaction to the development, thanked God for what He was doing in his life, adding that what was happening was just the beginning. "I see myself as a privileged son enjoying the grace of God daily. I am full of gratitude to God for my priceless wife. She allows me to enjoy peace of mind with the common word of encouragement, and I also appreciate the Covenant University Proprietor and Management. They have often provided a platform to ride on," he said.

On the significance of authoring in the field of engineering, Dr Fayomi stated that technology advancement had provided the opportunity to see an area of diversity with proven challenges, and opportunities to network with the global researcher and upcoming researcher in industry and academia. He said it was the responsibility of a researcher to provide a profitable solution toward meeting those needs and demand.

Dr Fayomi is a solution-based researcher with 90% of his research interests toward development, enhancement, performance, and sustainability. Engineering, he explained, revolved around these four concepts. "I work on functional and additive manufacturing systems using different high tech methods and facilities with an emphasis on developing smart composites. 

I also work on nanocomposite products from natural or synthesized-based material that could impact positively toward the development of new materials, and the enhancement of existing content, performance, and sustainability," he stated.

The Chancellor's Exceptional Researcher stated that God, values, vision, purpose, and a strategic goal had been the natural habit and productive culture. These, he said, had helped him as a scholar without waiting for anyone's encouragement or accolade to do what he needed to do for himself and Covenant University.

To God alone be all the glory!

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