Friday, August 21, 2020

Covenant University Boasts 80% of Top 10 Nigerian Authors in Computer Science


Eighty per cent (80%) of the top 10 authors in Computer Science in Nigeria are from Covenant University, according to the latest computation by SciVal. This bibliometric tool uses Scopus data to analyse the research performance of individuals or groups.

According to the computation made over the period 2015 to 2020, it was indeed Covenant 1 to 7 as Professor Sanjay Misra of the Department of Electrical and Information Science (EIE), Covenant University, emerged the front runner with 190 scholarly output, 327 citations, and 18 h-index.

Next was Dr Hilary Okagbue of the Department of Mathematics with 58 scholarly output, 340 citations, and 15 h-index, followed by Professor AAA. Atayero of the EIE with 56 scholarly output, 166 citations, and 12 h-index.

Dr Moses Emetere of the Department of Physics (53 scholarly output), Dr Segun Popoola of the EIE Department (44 scholarly output), Professor Oluseyi Ajayi of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (36 scholarly output), and Dr Adewunmi Adewole of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (36 scholarly output) made up the top 7. At the same time, Dr Isaac Ojo Fayomi of the Mechanical Engineering Department was on the 9th position with 35 scholarly output.

It is remarkable to know that Covenant authors also occupied positions 11 to 15. These were Dr Michael Agarana, Dr Abiodun Opanuga, and Dr Pelumi Oguntunde, all of the Department of Mathematics, Dr Isaac Odunayo of the Computer and Information Science Department, and Dr Kennedy Okokpujie of the EIE Department.

The top author, Misra, is a Professor of Computer (Software) Engineering. He is the Head, Software Engineering, Modelling and Intelligent Systems Research Cluster in Covenant University. His research interests include Software quality assurance, Software Metrics, Information Engineering, Software Engineering applications, and Web Service/Engineering, among others.

Professor Misra had in July 2020 underlined his publishing prowess by becoming the No.1 author in Nigeria by scholarly output, according to a computation by SciVal. He then had 233 scholarly output, 414 citations, and 17 h-index.

While speaking on the latest milestone, Professor Misra attributed it to God. “I have a great enthusiasm for accepting new challenges to solve the practical problems of society by applying software engineering and computer science principles. Of course, this achievement is due to arduous work and conducive research environment provided by the University Management,” he stated.

Research, he explained, was all about the maximum time one devoted to gain more knowledge in a particular field, and also about discovering new areas. These areas interested oneself and then using problem-solving techniques to find the best solution possible, he added.

Professor Misra considered hard work, dedication, and integrity as the critical factors as he hoped to build on his achievements. “‘Work is worship’ is the motto of my life, and time is an essential thing in my life. I work 12-16 hours per day for my research and academic activities and leave the result in the hand of GOD. ‘Hard work always pays off”. With determination, one can achieve all goals,” he said.

To God alone be all the glory! 

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