Saturday, August 1, 2020

UNIVERSITY OF JOS PRESS RELEASE: Disciplinary Action for Student Misconduct

The attention of Management of the University of Jos has been drawn to a report in the media about a graduating student of the University who recently faced disciplinary action from the Nigerian Law School for acts of misconduct while still a student of the University.

The student, Samuel Peters Ajonye, had his studentship of the Nigerian Law School terminated by the Council of Legal Education for not disclosing that there is a case of misconduct currently pending against him in the University which is yet to be determined. The University had earlier brought the matter to the attention of the Nigerian Law School.

Management of the University wishes to confirm that the said student, who during the 2018/2019 Academic Session was a 500 Level Law Student, had been suspended for One (1) Academic Session beginning from the Second Semester 2018/2019 Session to First Semester 2019/2020 Session for involving himself in an alleged case of misconduct. He was yet to serve the penalty for his infraction before enrolling into the Nigerian Law School contrary to the legal requirements for enrolment into that institution.

Management wishes to stress that the University of Jos is a well-organized community that is governed by properly established laws and regulations. Any person, whether staff or student, who violates the lawful provisions governing proper conduct in the University is liable to face appropriate sanctions as stipulated by our regulations. However, the laws also provide opportunity for appeal. Any member of the University community who feels that they have been unfairly penalized for any act or deed are therefore at liberty to explore the internal mechanisms for appeal but it should be done through the appropriate channels and following the laid down procedures.

Anything to the contrary will not be helpful in such situations.

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