Monday, August 10, 2020

Wesley University Introduces Skills Upscaling Programme, Vice Chancellor Essay Competition

Wesley University, Ondo, has just concluded the First Edition of an online Skills Upscaling Programme for her students who are currently on “stay at home” order by the Federal Government due to the ravaging Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria.

The e-learning was held from Monday May 11 to Thursday, May 28, 2020. It was a weekly programme that ran from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 10am to 12noon for the period of three weeks.

According to the Coordinator and Team Lead of the programme, a member of Faculty in the Department of Computer Science, Mr John Efiong, the Skills Upscaling Programme was birthed by the Information and Communications Technology Team of the University. “The programme was birthed by the ICT Team of the University, having identified the urgent need to engage our Students remotely while the lockdown persists.”

He also revealed that the purpose was to make the students become conversant with Hot Digital Skills. “The purpose is to make the students become conversant with Hot Digital Skills, such that they can create Information Technology (IT) solutions themselves - becoming IT Entrepreneurs; prepare for Digital job opportunities that might be open during and soon after the lockdown and also made fit to take courses remotely using virtual learning platforms.

Efiong also told the Public Relations Unit that the University hopes to institutionalize the programme. “We hope to institutionalize it, making it holiday exercise. We hope to secure Management approval on this after due appraisal of the first edition. We will expect our Students to acquire new skillsets every holiday.”

The Public Relations Unit also gathered that the following courses were offered:

Graphics Designs and Video Editing

Text and 3D Animations

Digital Marketing and Branding

Virtual Learning and Cloud Infrastructure

VC’s Essay Competition: In an interview, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sunday Ndubueze Ukachukwu, told the Public Relations Unit that the University needs to engage and challenge the Students on Essay Competition while the lockdown lasts. He also added that the competition started on May 11, 2020 and ended on May 31, 2020.

“We need to engage and challenge our students while the lockdown lasts. It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We decided to give them essay competition assignments that will expose them to more things. This will help them to search and get things and develop the skills they are learning in Skills Upscaling Programme. They will also apply it in the essay competition.

The don added that the University tends to institute the essay competition as annual programme. “We tend to institute it as annual programme, so every year, we get a committee to handle it and prizes will be given out to winners on our convocation day.”

Prof Ukachukwu also told the PR crew that the prizes for the winners are yet to be determined, but it will be attractive and the non-winners will try again the following year.

The Public Relations Unit also gathered that the following were the topics for the essay competition:

Year 1: E-learning in a Confined World,

Year 2: Innovative Skillset for Economic Survival in a Challenged World,

Year 3: Agriculture Embrace: A Panacea to Restoration of a Distressed Economy,

Year 4, 5, & spillover: The Youth and Critical Thinking for Improved Livelihood.

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