Saturday, September 26, 2020

Re: LASU College of Medicine Management Throws Out Students Belonging From Hostel


The attention of the Lagos State University Management has been drawn to an online publication by Sahara Reporters titled "LASU College Of Medicine Management Throws Out Students’ Belongings From Hostels", in which the news platform alleged that the management of the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) threw out belongings of students in mid and lower classes and left them in the rain. 

The University Management wishes to state unequivocally that the LASUCOM management did not " throw out" or leave the students' belonging in the rain as stated. 

Indeed, the picture attached to the publication half tells the true story. For the purpose of clarification, we wish to state as follows, that: 

1. The College carries out a routine maintenance and renovation of it's facilities, including students hostels, to ensure a conducive atmosphere and the best standard of living for its students. To do this, the management uses the window period provided by holidays so that the students are not affected. 

2. When the COVID-19 lockdown was announced and students were asked to vacate the hostels, it provided another opportunity to carry out planned renovations, so students were informed, upon leaving, to vacate ALL their belongings from the hostels. 

3. When the lockdown was eased, several messages were again sent to the students to vacate all their belongings to allow the College proceed with the renovations. In all, the vast majority of the students observed total compliance while a few of them picked only what they considered valuable, leaving mostly buckets, stoves and other items. All this while, the College had to delay work to allow the students ample time for full compliance.

4. When the government announced the resumption of school, in a bid to ensure that students resume into a much safer and better hostel environment, and to put only ONE student in a room in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, notices were again sent to ALL students to come and move any of their properties left in the hostels as each room was to be emptied to carry out proper renovation and paintings. The notice gave a deadline with the caveat that any item still left in a room is deemed not to be useful or needed by the student. This made it a whole six months notice to the students.

5. During the renovation, many of the unpacked items, mostly plastic buckets and stoves and old clothes, were taken out into the hostel compound and covered with trampoline. We believe the students appreciate our effort in providing a neat, safe and welcoming living environment that is conducive for study.

6. It appears that the trampoline was removed by some students in a bid to pick their property when the picture posted by Sahara reporters was taken.

I wish to state that the Acting Provost of the College, Prof. Abiodun Adewuya, had lucidly explained the circumstances behind the pictures to the concerned stakeholders. 

The Lagos State University remains committed to the welfare of its students and will continue to strive to provide the best quality education in a conducive atmosphere.

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