Friday, June 18, 2021

Access Scholarship PhD: Selection Process and Timeline 2021


Aim: Selecting five candidates for the second round of ACCESS’s PhD program (2022-2024).

Preamble: As described in our Project Application, we will establish a joint thesis board that consists of three employees of Leipzig University (at least two university professors) and five staff members from the African partner universities (one person from each country of which, at least, three university professors). A proposition is accepted by the board when the majority (at least five members) supports the proposition. 

1. All partners will receive the final call and disseminate the call via their networks. (Deadline for submission of applications to June 20th 2021)

2. All applications will electronically be available for all partners.

3. Each of the five African partners that are part of the second call, will pre-select five applications according to the particular research profile and research interest and submit the preselection to Leipzig university by July 4th. A precondition for the final selection will be that the academic lead for the ACCESS program at the partner universities must be ready to engage as Ph.D. co-supervisor for these candidates.

4. Out of the 25 applications (5 HEI x 5 candidates), 15 applications (3 per African university) will be selected in Leipzig and ranked within 2 weeks (until July 19th), depending on the two criteria. A precondition for the selection will be that one of the PIs of the ACCESS program in Leipzig is ready to serve as PhD-supervisor for the candidate, and that the candidate’s qualifications meet the entry requirements of the PhD program at Leipzig University.

5. ACCESS aims for gender equality and for including a wide range of disciplines.

6. The ranking will be the basis for the final selection of the six successful candidates by the

Thesis Board. A second and a third place will also be decided in case a first placed candidate is unable to take up the position. The final is scheduled for announcement on latest July 21th.

7. Given the visa-requirements and other administrative work, the start of the second round of Ph.D. Program in Leipzig is envisioned for 1.1.2022

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