Thursday, June 17, 2021

Southwestern University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admission 2021/22 Academic Session On Sale

Are you a potential university student looking for the right institution to help you fulfill your dream? Are you interested in a university that will help you with an easy transition from school into your career? The Southwestern University is the perfect institution to help you achieve the dream career you have always desired.

The Southwestern University is a top tier private tertiary institution in Nigeria with a reputation of building careers and future of its students by providing excellent learning experience that is up to date with the trends of our modern world today. Southwestern University is well known for it’s futuristic curriculum which ensures that its students are not left behind by the rapid technological advancement which has facilitated development across different sectors of the economy of Nigeria, as well as many other countries across the world.


The Southwestern University is equipped with everything to ensure the desired academic success and achievement of students at the end of their respective programs. Courses and programs at the University are taught by well seasoned professionals in the form of instructors or lecturers. These professionals are well grossed in the respective courses which they specialize in. Studies at the Southwestern University is also facilitated by world class infrastructure and state of the art technology which ensures proper practical knowledge and inclusion in programs which require them. Each of the facilities are in line with the current educational standards as required by the University commission. This leads to greater understanding and ability to perform roles which may be required of students layer in their chosen careers.

Without a doubt, the Southwestern University is one of the top universities in Nigeria, through the unmatched zeal of the institution to ensure the understanding, proficiency, and ability of students through their respective fields. The institution also features a unique learning environment that promises focus, effective learning, as well as rich experience in related fields. Each of these features converge to ensure students get the best form of education available in the continent today. Studying in our institution guarantees success in learning and in Character, as there is no real meaning to education without the proper character to express it. So if you are a candidate who intends to achieve success both on the educational and moral level, Southwestern University is perfect choice for you.

Consequently, the Southwestern University is inviting candidates to apply for admission into the institution for the 2021/22 session through the numerous programs offered in the institution. Each of the programs available at the Southwestern University is accredited by the National University Commission (NUC). Each of these programs is detailed and rich to give a complete comprehension for students who want to build a career out of their programs.

Courses Offered at the Southwestern University

At the Southwestern University, there are up to 17 programs facilitated through various departments and faculties at the institution. Each of these programs create the ideal conditions to help students achieve success in their educational life, and go on to have a reputable career in such programs later in life. It should be noted that students who graduate from the Southwestern University have the competitive edge over their peers in other institutions due to the school’s commitment to help students in the transition from the classroom into the business world.

Below is a breakdown of the faculties and courses offered at the Southwestern University. Students can opt to study any of these programs at the institution with expectations to become the best in their chosen fields.

Faculty of Social and Management Sciences:


Accounting & Finance

Business Administration

Mass Communication

Political Sciences

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences:

Biological Sciences

Chemical Sciences

Pure & Applied Physics

Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Pure And Applied Sciences:







Physics with Electronics

Computer Science


Faculty of Social And Management Science:



Banking & Finance

Business Administration


Mass Communication

Political Science

International Relations


PGD, MSC & Ph.D Mass Communication

PGD, MSC & Ph.D Accounting

PGD, Msc , MBA & Ph.D Business Administration

MSc & Ph.D Political Science

PGD, Msc & Ph.D International Relations

Msc & Ph.D Microbiology

Msc & Ph.D Biochemistry

PGD, Msc & Ph.D Computer Science

Peace , Conflict and Strategic Studies .

Admission Requirements into the Southwestern University

In order to gain admission into chosen fields of study, students are required to satisfy the requirements for respective courses of study. The minimum entry requirements for admission into Southwestern University are as follows:

– A minimum of Credit level grades in 5 subjects at (SSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB) O’ Level result or its equivalent, acquired in not more than two sittings.

- Candidates must sit for the current JAMB UTME exams and attain the National cut off mark as a statutory requirement for entry into a Nigerian University.

Students who are looking to transfer to the University from another accredited University has to meet the following requirements:

– Initial Admission Documents submitted to current Institution.

– Official Transcript from current Institution to be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar.

Method of Application for Admission into the Southwestern University

– Pay a non-refundable deposit of N10,000 into the university’s bank account.

Account name: Lagos City Polytechnic , Limited


Account number: 0108175382.

Or better still,

– Pay a non-refundable fee of N10,000 into Southwestern University account at any branch of GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC A/C: 0108175382. (The name of the applicant must match the name on the bank teller and only application forms with confirmed payments will be processed)

– Proceed to complete your form online at Here

-- Click on “APPLY NOW”

– Follow the instructions carefully and complete the online form 

-- Only application forms with confirmed payments will be processed (Ensure the e-mail and phone numbers supplied are valid as further application details will be communicated through these means)

-- Bring all original credentials and evidence of payment when coming for the screening exercise


-- Make sure that the name of the applicant conforms with the name on the bank teller.

-- Ensure to write your name and date of birth on  page of your supporting documents.

–  Ensure that you use your legal name and check that your name is the same on all documents to be submitted.

– Ensure you read through your application and supporting documents before submission.

– Submit all supporting documents, including your high school transcript and recommendations, in one folder to eliminate the chances of documents getting misplaced or separated during processing.

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